May is Tick-Borne Disease Awareness Month 


Make Posters

This is Debbie's Story. It is about 16 minutes. I place it here because it is close to my heart to see the children who never get care and live with so much suffering. This is unfortunately, a very common story in Kansas--Peninah.  PS: I like to use the word "tick-borne infections" because the Dept of Justice in Kansas made it illegal to say that "Lyme disease is the epidemic of the 21st Century" in 2008. Yet, no matter how much is denied...the people still suffer, they still go untreated, they still can't get care in ER's or hospitals in our State, and we still have to search for a doctor with knowledge to help us. Most of all, we still have learn how to Never, Never, Never give up...and help one another.

World Wide Lyme Disease Protest 

 Stephanie Lawhon (Wichita) created this T-shirt


Create a Proclamation for your City, County in Kansas!                             

Please  Email copy to [email protected]  

Go to your Governor, City Mayor, and County Government and ask them to create a proclamation declaring May as "Tick-borne Disease Awareness Month"


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